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2020-2021 Registration Information

2 months ago

Jonesboro School Has Set Registration for the 2020-2021 Academic Year


  • Online registration will begin on Monday, July 6th.  Online registration can be found by logging into TeacherEase (using the TeacherEase tab above or going to

  • New Students to the Jonesboro School District registration will be Monday, July the 27th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


  • Kindergarten Screening and Registration will be Tuesday, July the 28th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM 


  • Students that are unable to register online registration will be Thursday, July the 30th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM 


  • Those students who are unable to attend on this date are encouraged to stop by the school office to register a student anytime starting August 3rd.  


  • The school notes that all students must register and present proof of residency within the district by providing the required number of documents from both of the following:


    • Category 1:  Must have one:  most recent property tax bill, mortgage papers for homeowners, signed and dated lease and proof of last month’s payment for renters, letter from manager and proof of last month’s payment for mobile home park residents, or a letter of residence from landlord in lieu of lease. 

    • Category 2:  Vehicle registration, most recent gas, electric and/or water bill, current homeowners/renters insurance policy, driver’s license or voter registration card.  


  • The above information can be sent by mail, email to or, fax 618-833-3410. If this does not work for you please bring information into the school office after July 21st.


  • A $25 dollar consumable fee will be collected from each student.  


  • If anyone is seeking to enroll a student for the first time in the district, they must provide a certified birth certificate.  


  • More information is available by contacting the school office at 833-5148.


  • Social distancing guidelines will be followed per Illinois State orders. 


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School Supply List 2020-2021

4 months ago


Gym shoes: do not have to be new, just clean.

Scissors, rulers, etc. can be items used the previous year.

Items listed are to be purchased in small packages unless otherwise stated.


Backpack, gym shoes (slip-on or Velcro), 2 boxes washable markers 8-10 count classic colors, 2 boxes of 16 or 24-count crayons, 1 package colored pencils, 2 two-pocket, vinyl folders, one package multi-color construction paper, scissors, 2 bottles of glue, 4 glue sticks, 12 wooden pencils, 1 pair inexpensive headphones, (No earbuds, please!  Please remove headphones from packaging, size to comfortably fit your child’s head, label, and place in a labeled zipper-type plastic bag or pencil bag), 1 package dry erase markers, any color, 1 box tissues, one box zipper-type plastic bags (boys, gallon-sized, girls, quart-sized), 2 containers baby wipes, 1 container Clorox-type table wipes.  Please put child’s name on shoes, scissors, folders, and headphones.  No rest mats needed.


Pencil top erasers, fiskars scissors, gym shoes, 2 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons, 2 thin spiral notebooks, 1 large box of kleenex, book bag, 1 small school box, old paint shirt, 2 sturdy pocket folders (no trapper-keepers), 2 boxes of 24 pencils ( preferably Ticonderoga), 1 box-ziploc quart size baggies  1 box- ziploc gallon size baggies, colored pencils, 2 clorox wipes, 4 glue sticks, 2 highlighters any color, and 1-1” 3 ring binder with clear sleeve on cover, 1 pair of inexpensive headphones (not earbuds), 1 roll paper towels, 1 pkg unscented baby wipes, 1 bottle Elmer’s white glue and 1 pkg napkins.


Crayons, scissors, 1 pkg of dry eraser markers, 1 pencil sharpener that holds shavings, 2 dozen wooden pencils, assorted markers, colored pencils, 2 glue sticks, 1 pkg of pencil top erasers, 3 pocket folders, 2 boxes of kleenex, 1 box ziploc bags- girls quart & boys gallon, 1 spiral notebook, 1 pkg of construction paper, 1 container Clorox wipes, 1-1 inch binder, 1 over the ear headphones, gym shoes, 3 hole pencil pouch to go in binder(no boxes) and girls- baby wipes and boys- 1 roll of paper towels.


Gym shoes,  2 wide ruled composition notebooks, 1 pkg of loose leaf wide ruled notebook paper,  3-20 packs of pencils, 2 pocket folders, 1 small box crayons, 1 small pkg. assorted markers, 1 pair of inexpensive earbuds, 1 small pkg. colored pencils, 2 pkgs glue sticks & 1 small bottle Elmers glue, scissors, 1 pkg of dry erase markers, 2 pkgs 3x5 index cards,1 pencil sharpener hold shavings,1 pencil pouch (no box),1 small pkg. highlighters, 2 large boxes of kleenex, 1 roll of paper towels, and 1 ziploc quart size baggies, 1 container clorox wipes and 1 container of wet wipes.


 Scissors, 1 pkg glue sticks, gym shoes, 1 spiral notebook (labled Math), 1 pkg of clear sleeves for binder, 1 pkg of dry erase markers, small box crayons, small box of colored pencils, small package of markers,2 highlighters, 1 pair of inexpensive earbuds or headphones,  2 pkg wide-ruled paper, 2 pkgs of pencils, erasers, 4 red pens,  1 large box of Kleenex,   construction paper, 1 red folder, 1 composition notebook  and 1- 1 inch durable 3 ring binder-with clear sleeve on cover, 2 folders for 3 ring binder, and  binder pouch. No Trapper Keepers or Oversized binders. Optional:   Clorox wipes, sharpener that holds shavings. 


1 solid color pocket folders with fasteners , 2- 1 inch 3 ring binders, (No trapper keepers/or oversized binders) tab dividers for 3 ring binder (at least 5 tabs) 1 pkg. wide ruled paper, 1 composition notebook, 2-3 pocket folder for 3 ring binder (3 holes) -any color ,  pencils, 1 small sharpener that hold shavings, 2 dry erase markers –any color, pencil bag, 5 red pens, construction paper, 2 highlighters, scotch tape, colored pencils, small package of crayons or markers, glue stick, scissors, 2 large boxes of kleenex, 1 pair of earbuds or headphones and gym shoes. Optional Quart and gallon baggies, Clorox wipes, Hand sanitizer. It is helpful to have all art supplies in a large zip type freezer bag.   

JR. HIGH SUPPLY LIST (6th,7th, & 8th)

HOMEROOM- 1 boxes of kleenex, 1 container clorox wipes, 1 roll paper towels, hand sanitizer, 1 box gallon zipper bags, 1 pencil pouch and 1 pair of earbuds (to take to each class).

PE- T-shirt with sleeves, shorts, and PE shoes.

LANGUAGE ARTS-   Spiral notebook (labeled English), pocket folder (labeled English), red pens, pencils, & 1 pkg of index cards.

MATH- 1½” Binder (For Math use only), 1 pkg 5 subject tab dividers, loose leaf  paper,  pencils,  red pens, 1 highlighter,  1 dry erase marker, 1 pencil pouch with 3 holes to for math binder & basic calculator.  Please put name on calculator!!

RTI/ACCELERATED MATH  1- One subject college ruled notebook. 

SCIENCE- 2 Composition notebooks (not spiral), red pens, pencils, pocket folder, 1 pkg 3x5 lined index cards and highlighters. Also for science class only- 6th grade- 1 box quart size freezer bags, 7th grade- 1 box gallon size freezer bags,  8th grade- 1 box wooden #2 pencils.

SOCIAL STUDIES- 2 Composition notebooks (not spiral), 1 pocket folder, 1 pkg 3x5 index cards, red/blue/black pens, pencils, highlighters & loose leaf paper.

READING –  2 Composition notebooks (not spiral), 3 ring binder, dividers for binder, loose leaf paper, ink pens, pencils, white out, highlighters, post it notes and index cards.

COMPUTER CONCEPTS- 3 ring binder ½ or 1’ labeled computers, 1 pocket folder, pencil, red pen, highlighter and 1 pair of earbuds/headphones in a baggie labeled with student name for computer class only!

Also for computer class, 6th graders- clorox wipes, 7th graders- hand sanitizer and 8th graders-1 box gallon zipper bags or sandwich bags. 

Classes are listed separately;  you will need items for each class listed!

Top Teacher Award Nominations

2 months ago

ISBE is seeking nominations for top teacher awards

(to access links, right-click and choose "open link in new tab")


ISBE announces new Bilingual Teacher of the Year, Early Childhood Teacher of the Year, and Special Education Teacher of the Year awards


SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is seeking nominations for Illinois’ top teacher awards. ISBE’s Teacher of the Year and Those Who Excel awards programs honor teachers, teams, administrators, community volunteers, and support personnel who have made significant contributions to Illinois’ students. Any person or organization may submit nominations.


ISBE also announced today three new awards to honor outstanding teachers in specific areas: the Bilingual Teacher of the Year award, Early Childhood Teacher of the Year award, and Special Education Teacher of the Year award. Additionally, for the first time, ISBE will select Regional Teachers of the Year from eight regions. The 2021 Illinois Teacher of the Year, who will be in the running for National Teacher of the Year, will be selected from these 11 educators.


“Educators inspire, connect, and transform – not just the children they interact with, but their entire communities,” said State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carmen I. Ayala. “The Those Who Excel and Teacher of the Year awards programs recognize the incredible work happening in and around Illinois schools, as the result of exemplary educators who far too often go unrecognized outside of their own schools or districts. We encourage everyone to think about someone at their school who is making a positive impact on students and nominate them for an award. This act of appreciation can truly make a difference.”


ISBE is aiming for a record number of nominations this year with a new streamlined online nomination portal. ISBE will announce the winners at a red-carpet banquet in the fall. Spread the word about the awards by sharing this video on social media with the hashtag #ElevatingEducators:


“Through this opportunity, I am able to share my passion for teaching with current and future educators around the state,” said Eric Combs, the band director at Richland County Middle School who is the 2020 Teacher of the Year. “I believe education exists to enrich our lives and am grateful ISBE has programs in place to elevate our amazing educators. I encourage everyone to nominate an educator in their own community.”


ISBE is seeking nominations for:

  • 2021 Illinois Teacher of the Year (public and nonpublic school teachers with five or more years of experience)

    • Regional Teachers of the Year

    • Bilingual Teacher of the Year

    • Early Childhood Teacher of the Year

    • Special Education Teacher of the Year

  • Outstanding Early Career Educator (teachers with one-four years of experience)

  • Those Who Excel Administrator Award

  • Those Who Excel Team Award

  • Those Who Excel Community Volunteer Award

  • Those Who Excel Student Support Personnel Award (school nurse, psychologist, social worker, school counselor, or speech/language therapist)

  • Those Who Excel Educational Service Personnel Award (aides/paraprofessionals, cafeteria workers, custodians, administrative assistants, bus drivers, resource officers)


Nominations open March 9 and close June 5. Learn more about the Teacher of the Year and Those Who Excel program requirements and submit a nomination at

JGS Remote Learning Information

2 months ago


Remote Learning Plan

The Illinois State Board of Education has announced that remote learning will occur for the duration of the suspension of in-person instruction.  A remote learning day is defined as an educational program designed to provide continuation of learning for students under conditions that prohibit the learner and instructor from being in the same physical space.

The table below outlines district, school, teacher, student, and family responsibilities to support and encourage student engagement during remote learning.




  • Support schools in planning and implementing remote learning plans.

  • Help schools identify needed resources in the community (academic, health, social, emotional).



  • Implement remote learning plans.

  • Communicate regularly with stakeholders

  • Support teachers in planning and implementing remote learning plans

  • Help families find needed resources in the community (academic, health, social).



  • Make remote learning activities available in a timely manner.

  • Be available at scheduled times to answer student/caregiver questions.

  • Provide timely feedback on student work.

  • Communicate regularly with students.

  • Provide a range of meaningful learning opportunities that meet the needs of all learners during the period of closure.

  • Provide regular feedback to students on progress related to learning activities.



  • Review assigned work.

  • Complete assigned work by the due date.

  • Ask clarifying questions when you need help or don’t understand.

  • Be respectful to yourself, teachers, and peers.


Family Responsibilities

  • Review work assigned to the student.

  • Encourage students to get enough sleep.

  • Talk to students about their work every day.

  • Set sensible time limits for technology use.

  • Help students establish and follow regular daily routines.

Below are the components that the Remote Learning Plan must address along with how the district plans to meet each requirement.

  1. Accessibility of the remote instruction to all students enrolled in the school or district.  Technology and packets will be utilized to provide students with the resources and the assignments needed for remote learning.   In addition to on-line learning activities, packets have been distributed to K-8th grade students to further enhance their learning during remote learning days.

  2. When applicable, a requirement that the Remote Learning Days activities reflect the State Learning Standards.  The on-line and hard copy activities that are assigned to students during remote learning days have been developed and assigned by the classroom teachers specifically for their class/students and consist of the district approved curriculum.  As a result, the activities align with the State Learning standards for each subject and grade.

  3. Means for students to confer with an educator, as necessary.  During remote instructional days, each teacher will be monitoring logins and Google Classroom to track student activity and will also be available to communicate with students/parents as needed from 8:00-1:00 each day.  Please be mindful of parents who may need to contact you at different times of the day. Communication used during remote learning days may include emails, phone calls, social media posts, or other district approved communication tools.

  4. The unique needs of students in special populations, including, but not limited to, students eligible for special education under Article 14 of the code, students who are English learners, as defined by Section 14C-2 of the Code, students experiencing homelessness under the Education for Homeless Children Act, or vulnerable student populations.  During remote learning days, consistent communication with students with special needs will be provided through e-mail, phone calls, or other district approved communication tools.  Staff will document the best efforts being made under the current emergency conditions to ensure ongoing growth and progress and to continue serving these students to the greatest extent practicable by tailoring remote learning that provides educational benefits to students with disabilities.  Methods may include regular communication, scaffolding, and breaking up assignments into more manageable parts.

  5. Transitions from remote learning to on-sight learning upon the State Superintendent’s declaration that Remote Learning Days are no longer deemed necessary.  By providing remote learning activities and resources as well as monitoring the student’s work during remote learning days, the staff will be able to assess the students’ understanding of concepts.  This will lead to a smoother transition to on-site (face to face) learning and a better assessment of the concepts that need to be reviewed/retaught.


Remote learning is designed to support student learning and continuity of education. Grading is feedback and communication in a snapshot of time to students and parents. The aim, emphasis, and focus for schoolwork assigned, reviewed, and completed during remote learning is on learning, not on compliance.  Students are expected to continue with the learning activities assigned during remote learning and to complete all of the work assigned and reviewed during the remote learning period. Grades during remote learning days will be reported on a pass or incomplete basis. The “new normal” for grading and assessment during remote instructional days will be to recoup, review, refine, finish year.  The grades a student had in March 2020 will not be negatively impacted as long as students complete the work during remote instructional days.


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