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8th Grade Athlete of the Week

6 months ago

Each week, a different 8th grade student athlete will be profiled.  The athletes were all asked to respond to a series of questions to help us get to know them.  ALL 8th grade student athletes WILL be profiled in RANDOM order.  Check back weekly to see your favorite Bulldog's profile!  (Please note: The webmaster does NOT correct their grammar; Webmaster simply types what the students write.)

Zach Miller
November 30, 2017

What school sports do you play? Baseball

What is your primary position for each sport?  Outfield and shortstop

Do you participate in any other sports outside of school?  football, bowling

What is your favorite sport (does NOT have to be one in which you participate)?  bowling

What is your favorite subject in school?  spelling

Who is an athlete you admire and why do you admire him/her? (Can be professional athlete or another student athlete)?  I like Jackie Robinson because he changed a lot of people

Tell us about a favorite sports memory from your time as a Bulldog.  I was in the outfield and I dove for a catch

Do you aspire to play your sport(s) at the college or Pro level?  yes

What advice do you have for younger student athletes as far as managing your time, practicing, homework, etc.?  They need to do their homework because for student athletes, student comes first; and work hard

What will you miss most about being a Bulldog? Having recess

miller pic

Two Bulldogs Named All Tournament

7 months ago

Giant City Boys' Basketball Tournament

Congratulations to the Jonesboro Bulldogs Boys' Basketball Team for winning 2nd Place in the Giant City Boys' Basketball Tournament on Oct. 18th.  Also, a BIG CONGRATS to Landon Trammel and Ethan Carver for being named All Tournament!  

8th Grade Softball & Baseball Players

7 months ago